Embeddable hasties ๐Ÿคฏ


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Embeddable hasties ๐Ÿคฏ

Prequel - What Is Hasty.dev?

I recently - 28/10/2021 - launched a new side-project. hasty.dev is the name of it, or rather Hasty.

I've an old version of this laying around for a while, hasty - old.png

I didn't like the design of it, so I decided to redesign it, and boom, it now looks like it does as of today. The new design speaks much more sleekness and UX, if you ask me. But I'm no designer.

See the cover-image of this post or navigate to hasty.dev, or read even further! The How explains it.

I'll be repeating myself a little in this post, but not much. It's simply because, the reasoning behind this tool is quite simple, and mostly cannot be explained in many ways. Maybe.

Anyways, what hasty.dev does is to check for which line of code is faster. It does this, by you providing a global line of code to test from, and then a few test cases. These will then be ran by the back-end - in a super sophisticated room full of super computers (that's a lie, it's on my home server). It'll then return the results to you, for free! Yes, it's free of charge. Not even a cookie to find!

Now, let's get on with the embeddables.

Sequel - The Hasties

The What

What feature does any great tool require? You got it! An embeddable component! This is exactly what I just added as the latest feature of #hasty.

With hasty.dev you've got the ability to add the globals along with (or without) some tests and simply press the "Embed" button to get an easily embeddable piece of code, which you can embed any- and everywhere amongst the web - sometimes even natively, but this depends on the software.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the new embeddable feature, if you don't know which code to test, I've even prepared one for you: https://hasty.dev/#eyJnbG9iYW....

The Why

Is this even useful, you may ask. The answer to that is - of course - yes, very!

I, for one, am going to be using these in some posts in the future. These can even be used educationally. Simply think about it, the professor scolds the student, that some piece of code is waaay faster than their code, but the student won't listen without proof, but how do they test it? Well, simply hasty those two code-pieces; and bam! The student was right all along.

The How

Just navigate to hasty.dev, write your "global" code, a few test cases, and press "Embed". Simple as that!

PS. This is an embedded hasty:

{ Best, Mads Bram Cordes }

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