Micro-optimizations #2

Micro-optimizations #2

Sorting Algorithms - Short


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Sorting Algorithms

If you have ever studied the field of Computer Science [CompSci], you might have heard about the algorithms known as Sorting Algorithms.

These are quite common in a lot of CompSci algorithms - especially, you've gussed it, in sorting of lists - even though you might not be using it yourselves, it is actually a common use-case for interviewers to ask you to implement during the job inetrview. Thus, will post about some of these algorithms to help you through it.


Since the dawn of CompSci, researchers have been wondering how to sort - and even more importantly - optimize lists. This can be useful for a magnitude of reasons, but mainly to show a sorted list of sorts. Be it numbers or alphabetical - or even alpha-numeric, or something completely fourth!


A lot of reasearcher do sorting for the fun of it, another reason to do this, is to find an even better implementation of even the fastest sorting algorithm out there. This will of course bring a fame with it, and be honest, who doesn't want to have that fame of the inventor of a great sorting algorithm.

Because, as most of us knows, with fame comes money and money rules the world nowadays.


Further in this series, I'll be exploring some sorting algorithms in JavaScript. All of which can be found - and compared - here: hasty.dev/shorts

{ Best, Mads Bram Cordes }

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